Glen Charlton


Glen combined his abilities in maths and science with his love of elite sport through a Bachelor of Engineering
Science (Sports Engineering) at Victoria University. During the course, he developed a love of coding and
electronics. For one of his major uni projects he designed a touchpad that attaches to swimming pool walls to detect human contact and record swimmers’ times. “The design was cheaper and more durable than
traditional mechanical touchpads,” he says. Glen now works for Catapult Sports, a sports analytics
company based in Melbourne, as a technical support engineer troubleshooting and testing products.
“I wanted to work there because they are leaders in athlete monitoring technology,” he says.
“Their products give sports scientists and coaches an in-depth look into athletes’ physical attributes,
so they can optimise training plans and monitor the recovery of injured players.” One of his projects is a
wearable device called ClearSky, which triangulates a player’s every move. It’s already being used in training
facilities around the world. “I get to work on top athlete monitoring systems and help some of the world’s biggest sporting clubs,” he says.